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Guitarrist, Composer and Arranger, Magno started to play guitar at the age of 16 influenced by Jazz and Brazilian Music. He studied Theory at FUMA, today UEMG (Universidade Estadual de Musica) and Fundacao de Educacao Artistica completing also an Arrangement course with Claudia Cimbleris. As a performer, Magno is self-taught having as his first mentors the teachers Guilherme Monteiro, Wilson Lopes and Julio Marques. His first work as a composer was in 1990 with the group called "Feijao de Corda". Later in 1993, he met the "Gaucho" Drummer Nene(HERMETO PASCOAL- EGBERTO GISMONTE- MILTON NASCIMENTO- ELIS REGINA) with whom he worked for almost a decade having participated in 3 of his albums: AO VIVO NO CCBB (Centro Cultural do Brasil -RJ-93) PORTO DOS CASAIS(Nucleo Contemporaneo- SP-97 remasterized 2005- maritaca) SUITE CURRAL DEL REY (BH-98). At the time, Magno also had the opportunity to work side by side with competent musicians such as: Mauro Senise, Vinicius Dorim, Teco Cardoso, Robertinho Silva, Pascoal Meirelles, Benjamin Taubkin, Marcio Montarroios, Nivaldo Ornelas, Andre Marques and Naylor Proveta. Besides them, he has worked with Toninho Horta, Harvey Wainapel, Arthur Maia, Paulinho Trompete, Aliéksey Viana, Continentrio, Jeff Gardner, Nenem, Beto Lopes and Lincoln Cheib, and performer with Milton Nascimento and Samuel Rosa.. As a Instructor, he has taught Harmony and Improvisation Workshops in the Winter Festival at the University FUNREY(\(\(\(Sao Joao Del Rey-MG-97), UFMG (Ouro Preto-95-96),  in Basel, birds Eye (Switzerland 2006) and Sweden 2008.


In 2004, Magno released his first album "Maracatuaba", with guests Nene, Benjamin Taubkin, Celio Barros, Andre Mehmari, Toninho Horta, Toninho Ferragutti, Sergio Santos. In 2005 Magno won th 5th Edition of the "BDMG Instrumental Music Award" for best group,”Magno Alexandre group”, and for his "Maracatuaba" album. 

In 2005 his first tour in Europe  with the CD,  playing Gerald Cleaver, Mike Eckroth and Stephan Kurmann and 2006 again, with Criss Weisendanger, Mauro Martins, Dudu Penz e Kaspar Rast. In the same year tour in Brasil, the project "Geraçoes de Minas" , with Nivaldo Ornelas, Paulinho Braga, Sergio Barroso and Kiko Continentino.

In 2007 played under direction of Maria Schneider at the Ouro Preto Jazz Festival in Minas Gerais and was solist with pianist Andre Mehmari, Acordionist Toninho Ferragutti, Trumpetist Daniel Alcantara. 

 In 2008, 2010 and 2013, 2016, Magno toured in Europe and recorded many projects.

In 2016 Magno recorded his second Cd "Marajó", in NYC with Mike Eckroth , Ricky Rodriguez and Adriano Santos. In this time in NYC, he played his own compositions at the Zinc Bar in Village. Now he releases the new album between Brazil, Europe and USA.In 2022 fstayed for a week playng in  Basel, Suiça, Museu Tinguely, festa Brasileira e Bird's eye jazz club, where recorded anew album "Passarim" with trio "Alexandre/Kurmann/Queiroz.





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